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Broker Review on TD Ameritrade

About TD Ameritrade

These days it is very important to make the proper choice when we speak about our finances. As a result, we have many trading and investment companies that compete with each other. One of the topics of our review today, I’m speaking about TD Ameritrade, an innovative platform full of trading tools. The company promises to help its clients in reaching the tops of financial markets. TD Ameritrade appears for the first time in Canada, Omaha in 1975 since then they provide services for users in different countries.

TD Ameritrade is a broker that offers an electronic trading platform for the trade of financial assets including common stocks, preferred stocks, futures contracts, exchange-traded funds, forex, options, cryptocurrency, mutual funds, fixed income investments, margin lending, and cash management services. The company provides investing and trading services for 11 million client accounts that total more than $1 trillion in assets, and custodial services for more than 6,000 independent registered investment advisors.

Broker Review TD Ameritrade

Contact details

Phone: 800-368-3668

TD Ameritrade Accounts

TD Ameritrade has an online brokerage account suited everyone.

  • Standard Account — These are the most common and flexible account types.
  • Retirement Accounts — TD Ameritrade offers a variety of retirement accounts designed to meet the client income and lifestyle needs.
  • Education Accounts —  Type of account that best suits the education needs.
  • Specialty Accounts — Specialty investment accounts include trusts, limited partnerships, small business, charitable, and accounts for investment clubs.
  • Margin Trading — Margin trading gives the client up to twice the purchasing power of a traditional cash account and can be used for both your investing and personal needs.

TD Ameritrade Trading Tools & Platforms

Broker Review on TD Ameritrade

There are 4 types of platforms:

  • Web Platforms — The platform has the tools and resources the client needs to invest with confidence, everything is in one place, so that he can manage his portfolio more efficiently.
  • thinkorswim desktop — With thinkorswim desktop you get access to elite-level trading tools and a platform backed by insights, education, and a dedicated trade desk. Experience the unparalleled power of a fully customizable trading experience, designed to help you nail even the most complex strategies and techniques.
  • thinkorswim web — Created based on your feedback, thinkorswim web is the latest addition to the thinkorswim trading suite. With no download required, this straightforward platform takes the essential tools from thinkorswim desktop and makes them easy to access and even easier to learn.
  • Mobile Trading — TD Ameritrade is the leader in mobile trading** with powerful mobile offerings for investors and traders that want the ability to manage investments, seize opportunities, and more.


TD Ameritrade Investment Products

TD Ameritrade offers access to a wide variety of online trading and investment choices, powerful trading platforms, and research and education that can help you build a portfolio suited to your needs.

Broker review on TD Ameritrade


If you’re passionate about investing, you’re in the right place. From experienced associates to industry-leading education and technology, TD Ameritrade provides the knowledge you need to become an even smarter investor. The benefits are: Commission-free trades; Powerful, intuitive platforms for every kind of investor; range investment options.

There are various reviews about TD Ameritrade, some of them you can see below. As well you can also share your opinion about this company. Thanks for reading TD Ameritrade Review.


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  • The only thing that is associated with this company is a bad impression. I was invited by their employee, in general, initially, I worked on another project, invested a large amount there. Communication with other investors and leaders took place in a closed chat, and at some point one of the chat leaders began to actively promote this broker, assuring that the reliability and guarantees are 100%, the starting amount is minimal, and that many people are already making profits here. I trusted a person, opened a deposit here, at first everything really looked good, I made a profit, for real, in the process of work I invested more and more because you need to buy assets for something. For a moment I lost access to my account, this happened in November 2019, and I am still waiting for the lost money, and everyone in this company feeds me with promises.

  • This was my first and last time dealing with this broker. The company has an excellent strategy for stealing money from its clients. I say right away, if you have a desire to switch from their silver account to gold just for the sake of VIP support, then you should not open an account here at all. VIP support in their understanding is the same 24-hour manager support, but in theory, it should be a priority. Nothing like this. On silver, you wait for a response from a manager or moderator for 2-3 days, and the same thing happens on gold, and the difference between the accounts is as much as 5,000$ if we talk about the initial deposit. It’s me who is so smart now because I’m angry. I spent there more than 10,000$, and only then, I figure it out and it turns out that I somehow agreed and did not withdraw for 2 months, I put everything on the platform. The manager was able to tell me stories about a bright future, he spoke very like a knowledgeable so it sounded more convincing to me. He got deep into debt, gave away all his money, because he was convinced that he would be able to get money out of here, but no. Left without money and with a huge hole.

  • This specific broker is a scam, we can understand this just by looking at their website That says enough about the organization. A successful broker will never be so careless about his main source of information for potential partners and will invest as much as possible in its functionality. Then we scroll through the main page, we see some text and no reliable information. The conditions, at first look, are not bad, there is something to work with, but the first deposit is unreasonably high. Log in to an unknown platform with 1,000$, for some access to all assets and some training material. By the way, the training material has no value, it can just as well be read on the Internet for free.

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