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Based on our research we find out that this specific company is based in Chicago, IL and located at the historic Chicago Board of Trade building. Phillip Capital is offering a large list of services and can help them invest in the stock market, cryptomarket, currency pairs, and many others. The company provides full expert assistance for its clients. As well they promise to share the needed information for traders to increase their own abilities in trading.  That means a higher level of knowledge that you can achieve with them. In fact, we would like to see more details about their financial history in the past. This can help to make an objective conclusion about their origins.

Phillip Capital Inc. operates as a brokerage firm. The Company buys and sells securities such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and other investment products. Phillip Capital provides access to all the major Asian exchanges and global exchanges through the PhillipCapital network of companies.  Review about Phillip Capital

Contact details:

phone: 312 356 9000

Phillip Capital Global Access

PhillipCapital gives you access to nearly 2000 products traded on 30 exchanges worldwide.

Review on Phillip Capital

Phillip Capital Benefits

The Company is proud of its financial stability and position as a strong global FCM. The PhillipCapital Group provides in-house, 24 hour execution through Chicago and Singapore offices. Their 24 hour risk team works with clients to navigate the ever changing futures markets. Also, PhillipCapital holds customer’s monies in segregated and secured accounts per CFTC regulations. The clients funds are kept separate from company house funds.

Meanwhile, we ask ex-clients and of course, existent clients to share their experiences and the point of view about the company Phillip Capital Inc. Only this can help further clients to make a wise decision. Also is a possibility for the company to improve their level of provided services.


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  • The PhillipCapital company does not provide anything useful and valuable, moreover, it also forces you to pay more and more. When I registered, the main argument for me was the availability of a training base, because I know not too much about financial markets. The first stage turned out to be that training is available only after registration, and the second is that you must first replenish your account with at least a minimum amount. Well, you see, even $150 is a pretty big amount. In general, the knowledge that the company gives is not worth the money.

  • How funny they are, you can deposit money on an account absolutely free and no verification needed, but you can’t withdraw it anymore, only after going through 9 circles of hell, and then, perhaps, the clouds will disperse and you will be presented with a withdrawal of your 10$. Do not expect them to withdraw more, maximum – 20$. There is no license, so you should not count on honesty and transparency. No regulator to regulate the activities of this office, most likely that this office does not exist as a broker, just a website with an imitation of an intermediary that pretends to support traders. But the most interesting thing for me was to find out that they have absolutely nothing related to a broker company.

  • This was my first and last time dealing with this broker. The company has an excellent strategy for stealing money from its clients. I say right away, if you have a desire to switch from their silver account to gold just for the sake of VIP support, then you should not open an account here at all. VIP support in their understanding is the same 24-hour manager support, but in theory, it should be a priority. Nothing like this. On silver, you wait for a response from a manager or moderator for 2-3 days, and the same thing happens on gold, and the difference between the accounts is as much as 5,000$ if we talk about the initial deposit. It’s me who is so smart now because I’m angry. I spent there more than 10,000$, and only then, I figure it out and it turns out that I somehow agreed and did not withdraw for 2 months, I put everything on the platform. The manager was able to tell me stories about a bright future, he spoke very like a knowledgeable so it sounded more convincing to me. He got deep into debt, gave away all his money, because he was convinced that he would be able to get money out of here, but no. Left without money and with a huge hole.

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