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Broker Opinion About Ec MARKETS

These days it is very important to make the proper choice when we speak about our finances. As a result, we have many trading and investment companies that compete with each other. One of the topics of our review today, I’m speaking about Ec MARKETS, an innovative platform full of trading tools. The company promises to help its clients in reaching the tops of financial markets. Ec MARKETS appears for the first time in England since then they provide services for users in different countries.

Conditions from Ec MARKETS

  • Best Execution;
  • Trade the most popular global Indices;
  • Over 50 global major and minor currency pairs;
  • Trade precious metals including Gold and Silver;
  • Low Commissions Tight Spreads;
  • Trade global energy markets with our Oil products.

Type of accounts:

STD ACCOUNT: $200 Minimum deposit;

ECN ACCOUNT: $2000 Minimum deposit;

MINI ACCOUNT: $10 Minimum deposit.

We ask all traders that work with Ec MARKETS Company to provide their opinion. As a result, different traders will be informed about this company from people with experience. Thanks for reading Ec MARKETS review.


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  • I would advise everyone a very important thing: if a person suddenly sees a website in front of him, the administrators who are seriously talking about starting trading with an amount of $200, then anyone should quickly run away from such a resource. And as quickly as possible, without delaying and not considering the fraud. If someone does not believe me, then I will tell my story. I graduated from the Faculty of Physics and Maths, I have a university degree, but I don’t work in my specialty, I earn money online. So recently I contacted this website, I sent one hundred dollars here, I couldn’t withdraw anything, for the third week they tell me fairytales about the need for replenishment.

  • It was enough for me and what I learned from my recent acquaintances, who at one time decided to invest money here. A month ago there was a case, then they just started to study binary options, but scored on all possible risks, invested in the Ec Markets website. And after 46 unprofitable trading operations, they even wondered why they were leaked so coolly! And then they began to understand, read about the platform in more detail, realized that they had stumbled upon an offshore platform. And only after that, do they begin to report the danger of scams.

  • I looked at how old the Ec Markets project is, but I could not determine for myself that it is possible to invest here. The bottom line is that you can’t have a positive attitude towards a resource that has such a large amount of negativity on the Internet, as well as a domain that is just over two months old, it’s just some kind of nonsense, nothing else. I have previously worked with profitable platforms for trading in the global financial markets, but there were real sites that paid people for calmly trading, receiving income, and withdrawing all their earned money. And here is a usual scam, which is not even six months old.

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