CI Investment Services Inc. Review,

CI Investment Services Inc. Review

About CI Investment Services Inc.

CI Investment Services Inc. is a leading Canadian broker dealer that provides a wide range of innovative brokerage and trading services to a diverse client base that includes portfolio managers and institutional investors. The Company is headquartered in Canada, on 199 Bay St. Suite 2600,  Toronto, ON, M5L 1E2. CI Investment Services Inc. offers a complete range of solutions for clearing, settlement, custody, securities lending, margin, financing, and global trading.

The company CI Investment Services Inc. claims that clients will have the possibility to trade all parts of the world. Moreover, they promise to keep safe funds from their users, in addition, you can use all features from their platform, no matter what account you have.

CI Investment Services Inc. Review

Contact details

phone: 416.235.0200

CI Investment Services Advantages

CI Investment offers excellent customer service with competitive low cost pricing. The Company is committed to delivering the highest standard of excellence in personalized customer service.

  • Competitive Financing Rates
  • Advanced Trading Technology
  • Custody and Consolidated Clearing
  • 24/7 Online Portfolio Information
  • Optimal Margin Offsets for Hedged Positions
  • Dedicated Relationship Manager per client
  • Securities Lending
  • Detailed Customizable Reports and Data Extracts
CI Investment Services Inc.


This Company highly value their clients’ trust and business and are deeply committed to providing them with innovative solutions, protect their interests and safeguard their privacy.

There are a lot of companies in the financial markets, especially engaged in online trading. On the one hand, we can choose a company from the variety that we can find on the market, on the other hand, it’s so hard to find a company that deserves ours and your trust. So we look for people that interact with the CI Investment company, in order for us and many other beginners to make an opinion based on personal experience. Thanks for reading CI Investment Broker Review.

CI Investment Services Inc. Review


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  • The broker reveals less information about its activity, as well as the trading parameters for traders if they want to trade here. I don’t like it, I think this is the most important bad sign. It’s better not to trade in places like CI Investment. I can’t say for sure if this is a fraudulent organization or if it works honestly, but I can definitely tell you that the potential risk of losing all your money here is very high. I think it’s about 100%. I suggest you think about this, and it is better to cooperate with a real broker. There are plenty of them, you can easily check in broker ratings and find suitable companies there. Also know that you will not find this broker in the ranking of the best firms because the company is also little known, no one knows anything about it. Even information in Google is practically missing, there are several sites where there are pages dedicated to this broker, and that’s it. For your own good of saving your own funds, it is better to avoid this company.

  • The CI Investment company does not provide anything useful and valuable, moreover, it also forces you to pay more and more. When I registered, the main argument for me was the availability of a training base, because I know not too much about financial markets. The first stage turned out to be that training is available only after registration, and the second is that you must first replenish your account with at least a minimum amount. Well, you see, even $150 is a pretty big amount. In general, the knowledge that the company gives is not worth the money.

  • The company is very dishonest. The broker offers very tempting conditions for work – more than a hundred assets (not only metals and stocks, but even energy resources), support for mobile devices and training for novice traders. In reality, they provide basic information that is available on the Internet through the first links from search engines, it is clear that in work a beginner is faced with completely different issues and problems that are not covered in training. Technical support is of little help, mostly switching between employees – a waste of time. As a result, while you figure it out yourself by trial and error, you will lose tangible amounts of money. I think that this is an indicator of the broker’s attitude towards clients.

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