CI Assante Wealth Management Review,

Broker review on CI Assante Wealth Management

About CI Assante Wealth Management

CI Assante Wealth Management was able to bring together the most advanced financial technology experts, qualified managers, risk managers, and specialists in a long-term investment environment. Therefore, their foundation works with both private and corporate clients.
The active development of technologies helps to calculate the necessary volumes of fundamental information within a few seconds when most people will need days, or even weeks, to do the same.
Assante address is registered on 15 York Street, Second Floor, Toronto, Ontario M5J 0A3.

Assante  is one of the largest wealth management firms in Canada, supporting 900 professional advisors who oversee over $46 billion of wealth for Canadian families and business owners. Assante is a subsidiary of CI Financial Corp., a leading global diversified investment company with approximately $189 billion in total assets as of August 31, 2020.

Assante CI Wealth Management

Contact details:

Phone: 416-348-9994

Assante Services

Assante company offers for clients:

  • Investment services and strategies
  • Risk management and insurance
  • Tax planning
  • Estate planning
  • Retirement planning
  • Charitable giving
  • CI Assante Private Client
  • Assante Discretion
Broker review on CI Assante Wealth Management

With 26 years of experience and access to professional resources such as analysts and lawyers, Assante advisors are prepared to make informed financial decisions about customer complete wealth management from retirement to estate planning.

Assante Tools & Calculators

Broker review on CI Assante Wealth Management

Cash Flow — The client can use this calculator to track his household income and expenses.

Broker review on CI Assante Wealth Management

TFSA vs RRSP — The client can see how his marginal tax rate affects the growth of your TFSA and RRSP.

Broker review on CI Assante Wealth Management

Tax Calculator — The client can use this calculator to estimate the taxes he owe based on his taxable income.

Broker review on CI Assante Wealth Management


Assante company advisors can help you make the right choices from our selection of carefully screened and approved industry-leading mutual funds. The broad product shelf includes funds from all major investment fund companies across the country, including access to company exclusive managed solutions available through Assante sister company CI Global Asset Management. The company can provide stock and bond recommendations as well as superior trade execution.

As it’s seen, the company Assante provides different services for their clients. On top of that, we would like to see alternative opinions from users that work with them. As a result, we hope to make it easier for other people to make the right choice. In other words, express your vision about CI Assante Wealth Management.


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  • The company is very dishonest. The broker offers very tempting conditions for work – more than a hundred assets (not only metals and stocks, but even energy resources), support for mobile devices and training for novice traders. In reality, they provide basic information that is available on the Internet through the first links from search engines, it is clear that in work a beginner is faced with completely different issues and problems that are not covered in training. Technical support is of little help, mostly switching between employees – a waste of time. As a result, while you figure it out yourself by trial and error, you will lose tangible amounts of money. I think that this is an indicator of the broker’s attitude towards clients.

  • The Assante company does not provide anything useful and valuable, moreover, it also forces you to pay more and more. When I registered, the main argument for me was the availability of a training base, because I know not too much about financial markets. The first stage turned out to be that training is available only after registration, and the second is that you must first replenish your account with at least a minimum amount. Well, you see, even $150 is a pretty big amount. In general, the knowledge that the company gives is not worth the money.

  • Have you read their rules or documents? They can easily block your account without a reason. They can simply refuse to trade with a client, limit positions, volumes. I don’t think that you will have any chance of earning anything from this scam company. As soon as they realize that you are a profitable trader, you will be cut right there. These scammers need clients who do not know how to trade, play with the market. They need clients who will make money every month, constantly and consistently, and then take it, also constantly, and also consistently.

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