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FCS Markets review

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FCS Markets review

This specific trading company is showing the possibility to trade with them, using a variety of assets. The company is registered in England, on Albert Buildings, 49 Queen Victoria Street, London, EC4N 4SAT. They have a direct contact phone, +446703081636. FCS offers for clients: stocks, commodities, cryptocurrencies, also currency pairs.  Online trading is the basic activity in FCS, companies have enough tools to manage the process.

Terms and Conditions from FCS Markets

FCS Markets review
The company FCS is operating with five accounts, we were able to see just 3 types, of course, the trading activity is different for every account in part. FCS asks their clients to not trade with too many assets at the same time, this may maximize the risks. It seems that companies do not provide trading assistance for their clients.


FCS Markets provide three types of accounts

  • Beginner where the minimum deposit is 250€. Available leverage is 1:30;
  • Gold: minimum deposit for this account is 5,000€, also they get leverage of 1:300;
  • Platinum: this account can be opened in the amount of 25,000€. The leverage of  1:500 is what the client gets after the activation.

In addition, we can see that company is licensed. They have enough instruments for their trading activity. Moreover, we ask anyone that interacts with the company FCS Markets to share information. Consequently, we think that this will improve the quality of services that can be used by other users. Thanks for reading FCS Markets review.




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  • Hello. I have been trading in the Forex market, as well as stocks and cryptocurrencies for quite some time now. Back in 2013, he began his journey as a trader. And you know, this is the first time I see such regulators as the Markets Financial Authority and IRBEM. I know such financial commissions as FCA, CySEC, Bafin, so on. All these are the main and main regulators of European countries. But I don’t see them regulating the activities of this intermediary. Instead of normal regulators, some nouns are indicated here. One gets the impression that these regulators are also fraudulent, the licenses are, of course, fake. And, if, for example, I become a victim of some kind of manipulation and other illegal actions on the part of this broker, then it would be completely pointless for me to seek help from these people since they are one with this broker. I am 100% sure in the same FCA that he will figure it out and will punish the violator of the law, but it is unlikely that the MFA will do the same. Yes, and as it were, this is a British company, which should be regulated by a British financial regulator, that is, the Financial Conduct Authority. But then again, they don’t have that license.

  • I advise you not to open a deposit here, otherwise, you will, like me, suffer from the withdrawal and return of invested funds. I decided to trade with Fcs Markets, I tried it in a demo version, everything seems to be ok. Well, I replenished with 250 euro, try to trade in real life, how is it, will it work out, and so on. In general, everything went wrong right away, the spreads turned out to be higher than stated, there are not so many instruments, there are freezes and other technical problems. But okay, I think it’s okay, I lost 20 euros on unfavorable terms. Let me think, I will return 180 euros, at the same time I will check the withdrawal, and it’s better to go to trade in another company. This is where a surprise awaited me. First, they demanded verification — that’s okay, I overslept it myself, I had to immediately apply for KYC. They checked the documents 3 times, that is, 3 times I sent them again, they all didn’t like something, then the wrong documents. It lasted about a month (!!!), you understand? I didn’t trade on purpose, I kept the money safe. Then, thank God, the verification was passed. However, I still haven’t made a decision. They just started ignoring me, that’s all. Cool, right? No answer phones, e-mails, left a request for feedback, and there is the same thing. Somewhere, well, 3-4 months have passed, the money is still there. Therefore, I do not advise Fcs Markets, you will not see your money.

  • For everyone who wants to open an account with Fcs Markets, I want to tell you to cool off a bit, take off your rose-colored glasses and be realistic. An only beginner would open an account here. First, do not believe everything you are told, especially the origin of the website. There is no order in the documentation, there is no system or structure. This scam can be called international, it’s nothing more than just words. The website is the same as the company itself. With a professional eye, I immediately saw that no investments were made in it, they just took a template and write everything in their own way. The only spending that can be in this case is the purchase of a domain. So, the goal is clear. Such savings are cut only by scams who need to take money from you, and not spend it themselves on making good conditions for trading. And as usual, such projects do not last long. They didn’t come up with anything new, and people fell for it, although this type of scam has been familiar to everyone for a long time.

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