Broker Review on PartnerGL

PartnerGL Broker Review

PartnerGL Broker Review

The company PartnerGL is not for usual traders, the company positioned itself as a broker with a good reputation. As well, the company is trading more often with medium and large investors. But equally important for each trader/investor is to have the same attitude from the company. According to the info on their contact page, the company is registered in the Republic of Mauritius, in addition to this, PartnerGL has other different licenses from many financial regulators. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to open them, so we remain to trust the company unconditionally.


Trading Conditions Provided by PartnerGL
PartnerGL Broker Review

  • High transaction speed: The size of the investor’s profit directly depends on the speed of execution of trade transactions;
  • Relevance of quotes: The prices are set in accordance with the official data of large financial companies;
  • Quality service: The possibility of receiving consulting services and contacting the support service provides a comfortable trading environment;

Risk analysis: Trading instruments offered on the PartnerGL platform make it possible to analyze and minimize risks.

The company PartnerGL takes the responsibility to increase the knowledge of traders that show interest in the market.
PartnerGL Broker Review

Three Accounts from PartnerGL

  • Beginner: minimum deposit is from 1,000$;
  • Investor: the required deposit is 25,000$;
  • Premium: here you can with 50,000$ with leverage from 1:100, instant execution, and of course the possibility to work with EFTs and indices.

As we specified before, PartnerGL is not a broker for everyone, because, besides one type of account where you can start trading from 1,000$. Others require significant supply from 25,000$ and more. Not all investors will be in a position to start working with a company that appeared in the market just a few years ago. Moreover, if a trader starts with a lower amount. I mean from 1,000 $, he won’t receive assistance which will be good because usually. Beginners start their activity with this amount. This is the point where companies should increase the financial education of their traders.

Meanwhile, we ask ex-clients and of course, existent clients to share their experiences. Point of view about the company PartnerGL. Only this can help further clients to make a wise decision. Also is a possibility for the company to improve their level of provided services.



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  • This was my first and last time dealing with this broker. The company has an excellent strategy for stealing money from its clients. I say right away, if you have a desire to switch from their silver account to gold just for the sake of VIP support, then you should not open an account here at all. VIP support in their understanding is the same 24-hour manager support, but in theory, it should be a priority. Nothing like this. On silver, you wait for a response from a manager or moderator for 2-3 days, and the same thing happens on gold, and the difference between the accounts is as much as 5,000$ if we talk about the initial deposit. It’s me who is so smart now because I’m angry. I spent there more than 10,000$, and only then, I figure it out and it turns out that I somehow agreed and did not withdraw for 2 months, I put everything on the platform. The manager was able to tell me stories about a bright future, he spoke very like a knowledgeable so it sounded more convincing to me. He got deep into debt, gave away all his money, because he was convinced that he would be able to get money out of here, but no. Left without money and with a huge hole.

  • How funny they are, you can deposit money on an account absolutely free and no verification needed, but you can’t withdraw it anymore, only after going through 9 circles of hell, and then, perhaps, the clouds will disperse and you will be presented with a withdrawal of your 10$. Do not expect them to withdraw more, maximum — 20$. There is no license, so you should not count on honesty and transparency. No regulator to regulate the activities of this office, most likely that this office does not exist as a broker, just a website with an imitation of an intermediary that pretends to support traders. But the most interesting thing for me was to find out that they have absolutely nothing related to a broker company.

  • When a brokerage company begins to charge a trader with their guaranteed earnings, their 100% profitability, their nano-technologies, which are far from nano, I immediately put them on a blacklist, both beginners and experienced traders, know about this scam. I’ll start with their educational program, which was the first thing the manager girl started pushing me when I wrote to them. The support here is in English and several other foreign languages. So, the educational program here is just terrible. Firstly, it is also all in English, it could be finished with this, but I will continue, and secondly, it does not look like a carefully designed training program, rather like stolen courses that are actively being promoted on the Internet. The next point that I paid attention to is the term of work. As far as I remember, I was constantly written about many years of experience in the financial market, active trading of broker specialists for 10 years, but apparently an employee of this company did not take into account that I can break through the domain, and he is only a month old, maybe a little more. So it turns out that we have different understandings of many years of experience and for them, the day goes by year? It’s already amusing me to watch it. Thank God it was not the turn to replenish.

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