Based on our research we find out that this specific company is located in Canada, Toronto. BLOOM BURTON is offering a large list of services and can help clients invest in stock market, cryptomarket, currency pairs and many others. The company provides full expert assistance for its clients. As well they promise to share the needed information for traders to increase their own abilities in trading.  That means a higher level of knowledge that you can achieve with them.


Contact details

phone: 416-640-7575


BLOOM BURTON company is active in all areas of the healthcare industry, including biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, medical devices, diagnostics, healthcare services, healthcare IT, life science tools, animal health, nutrition and wellness.The list of services you can see below:

  • RAISING CAPITAL & FINANCING — Sourcing capital to fund healthcare opportunities;
  • MERGERS & ACQUISITION ADVISORY — Enabling strategic transactions;
  • EQUITY RESEARCH — Influential opinions and insights on companies;
  • SALES AND TRADING — Generating returns in healthcare;
  • MONETIZATION PLANNING — Helping realize the value of innovations;
  • DIRECT INVESTING — Alternative investment funds that focus on investments in the healthcare sector;
  • COMPANY CREATION — Establishing new opportunities in healthcare.


BLOOM BURTON provides three types of accounts:

  • Beginner — where the minimum deposit is 250€. Available leverage is 1:30;
  • Gold — minimum deposit for this account is 5,000€, also they get leverage of 1:300;
  • Platinum — this account can be opened in the amount of 25,000€. The leverage of  1:500 is what the client gets after the activation.

In addition, we can see that company is licensed. They have enough instruments for their trading activity. Moreover, we ask anyone that interacts with the company BLOOM BURTON to share information. Consequently, we think that this will improve the quality of services that can be used by other users. Thanks for reading BLOOM BURTON review.



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  • The company is very dishonest. The broker offers very tempting conditions for work – more than a hundred assets (not only metals and stocks, but even energy resources), support for mobile devices and training for novice traders. In reality, they provide basic information that is available on the Internet through the first links from search engines, it is clear that in work a beginner is faced with completely different issues and problems that are not covered in training. Technical support is of little help, mostly switching between employees – a waste of time. As a result, while you figure it out yourself by trial and error, you will lose tangible amounts of money. I think that this is an indicator of the broker’s attitude towards clients.

  • The only thing that is associated with this company is a bad impression. I was invited by their employee, in general, initially, I worked on another project, invested a large amount there. Communication with other investors and leaders took place in a closed chat, and at some point one of the chat leaders began to actively promote this broker, assuring that the reliability and guarantees are 100%, the starting amount is minimal, and that many people are already making profits here. I trusted a person, opened a deposit here, at first everything really looked good, I made a profit, for real, in the process of work I invested more and more because you need to buy assets for something. For a moment I lost access to my account, this happened in November 2019, and I am still waiting for the lost money, and everyone in this company feeds me with promises.

  • The bloom burton company does not provide anything useful and valuable, moreover, it also forces you to pay more and more. When I registered, the main argument for me was the availability of a training base, because I know not too much about financial markets. The first stage turned out to be that training is available only after registration, and the second is that you must first replenish your account with at least a minimum amount. Well, you see, even $150 is a pretty big amount. In general, the knowledge that the company gives is not worth the money.

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