The company is not for usual traders, the company positioned itself as a broker with a good reputation. As well, the company is trading more often with medium and large investors. But equally important for each trader/investor is to have the same attitude from the company. is a trading name of StoneX Financial Ltd. StoneX Financial Ltd is a company incorporated in England and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority in the UK. StoneX Group Inc. is a financial services organization.  The company operates in six areas: commercial hedging, global payments, securities, physical commodities, foreign exchange and clearing and execution services.

Contact details

Phone: +44 207 429 7900

Forex Platforms

Forex has two ways to trade:

Mobile apps
Mobile tools: Clear interface, Performance Analytics, SMART Signals, Choose your theme, Manage your account activity, Alerts.

Web trading
Trading tools: Trade from charts, Over 80 technical indicators, 14 time intervals, Multiple chart types, Over 50 drawing tools, Personalise your workspace

Forex Accounts

Forex provides three types of accounts:

    • Standard account
    • MP4 Account Review
    • DMA Account and Corporate account Review

Forex benefits

The benefits to you:

  • You receive some of the most competitive rollover/financing rates in the industry
  • You don’t pay rollover at all on intraday trades
  • You’ll always know how much you’ll earn/pay; our rollover rates are posted every day and available within the trading platform

To find the financing rate for a particular market, just log into our web trading platform and select ‘Market 360’ to bring up the relevant pricing information.


Forex aim to provide the client with the best platforms, analysis and service possible. And year-on-year, they continue to be recognised by the industry and traders alike. Being part of the StoneX family gives yoi the solid foundations and ample resources to innovate and push the industry forward.

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  • The company is very dishonest. The broker offers very tempting conditions for work – more than a hundred assets (not only metals and stocks, but even energy resources), support for mobile devices and training for novice traders. In reality, they provide basic information that is available on the Internet through the first links from search engines, it is clear that in work a beginner is faced with completely different issues and problems that are not covered in training. Technical support is of little help, mostly switching between employees – a waste of time. As a result, while you figure it out yourself by trial and error, you will lose tangible amounts of money. I think that this is an indicator of the broker’s attitude towards clients.

  • I have almost no experience in Forex, all my knowledge is mainly from free webinars and articles, I learned about Interactive Fund from advertising, there were a lot of good reviews about them, that convinced me. In hopes, I opened a deposit for $10,000, I had to get into debt so well, I immediately got an analyst to help, acted strictly according to his instructions and advice, but the transactions either brought very little profit, or were not in my favor at all. A couple of times I noticed that transactions were closed without my participation in a few hours. When asked about this, the analyst explained that the situation on the market and the quote of the asset allegedly affect this. In general, I was dissatisfied with such results, I decided to go out and collect the money. But when I issued the entire amount for withdrawal, a strange thing began, they asked me for a commission for withdrawal, to pay some kind of deposit, an insurance fee, rent an account. And the sums were rather big!

  • This specific broker is a scam, we can understand this just by looking at their website That says enough about the organization. A successful broker will never be so careless about his main source of information for potential partners and will invest as much as possible in its functionality. Then we scroll through the main page, we see some text and no reliable information. The conditions, at first look, are not bad, there is something to work with, but the first deposit is unreasonably high. Log in to an unknown platform with 1,000$, for some access to all assets and some training material. By the way, the training material has no value, it can just as well be read on the Internet for free.

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